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WIAT: Saturday, March 18th

Finally the weekend! I slept in and got around to making breakfast at 12:30 pm.


Kashi GoLean Chocolate Crunch cereal with cashew milk and a sliced banana. This breakfast is one of those perfect weekend breakfasts, the kind you eat while watching cartoons and the sun shining! It kept me pretty full too.

We ended up doing some laundry which becomes a bit of an event since we don’t have a washer/dryer at our apartment. While the clothes were in the dryer, we grabbed Wendy’s. I don’t have a picture unfortunately but I got a medium french fry, a strawberry lemonade and a jr. cheeseburger deluxe with NO cheese, NO mayo, and NO patty. This leaves the ketchup, mustard, pickles, red onion, tomato, and lettuce. This might sound a little crazy but for me personally it is filling enough and provides the ‘fast food’ experience for cheap. I like to layer the fries into a little fry burger and top with a sauce like the barbecue or sweet & sour which are both vegan unlike most of the others (sriracha, honey mustard, ranch).  This makes the burger feel even more filling and tasty! Plus I love the lemonade at Wendy’s and they carry Honest Organic Green Tea!

Later that night (6:00 pm) I decided to throw together some Baked Potato Soup!


It looks a little bland but it really was good. I didn’t have any fake bacon on hand unfortunately. Next time, I would definitely like to have bacon to give it even more flavor and I think I would add onion as well. Let me know if you’d like to see a recipe for this soup!



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