Organic Food Reviews

Luvo Spinach Ricotta Ravioli

So at this point I'm pretty much just working my way through every Luvo dinner at my Wegman's. They are just one of the most delicious healthy frozen dinners available. They have two ravioli options and I decided to go with the Spinach Ravioli with Turkey Bolognese. So you can see they give you 5,… Continue reading Luvo Spinach Ricotta Ravioli

Organic Food Reviews

Luvo Tandoori-Inspired Spiced Chicken

Here's another Luvo Frozen Dinner, sorry I forgot to photograph the plating because I was so hungry! This one is actually probably my favorite (but I am a sucker for Indian food!) The Stats: ~380 Calories ~23g protein! ~10g sugar ~5g fiber ~All natural NOT organic This entree comes with the delicious tandoori chicken pieces… Continue reading Luvo Tandoori-Inspired Spiced Chicken

Organic Food Reviews

Luvo Chicken Enchiladas

Luvo is an All Natural brand meaning they aren't 100% organic but try to use minimal ingredients, only the ones you need! These are a better alternative when you need something quick and easy A.K.A. frozen food. When you open up the box you find a brown bag with the instructions stamped on them. I… Continue reading Luvo Chicken Enchiladas