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Tai Pei Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls

I absolutely LOVE spring rolls, egg rolls, and.. well any Asian food honestly! Unfortunately since going vegan I have had a hard time finding any spring or egg rolls mainly because of the egg (obviously) in the wrappers  so I was super duper excited to spot these in Wal-Mart.

I always look through the aisles despite the fact that there is rarely a treat for me to try in a place like Wal-Mart but hey you never know. Even though I’ve yet to find frozen spring rolls I could eat, when I seen these I had to give the ingredient list a look over and to my delight they seemed fine and– they came with dipping sauce! A huge bonus in my opinion!

For S5 you get 15 mini rolls and 3 packets of sauce which is a pretty good deal in my opinion. Sadly, these are not organic but the ingredients also are not the worst. As for taste they are pretty good. Nothing that I’m about to obsess over but they satisfy the craving for a savory Asian snack. I liked the sauce as well, similar to a sweet & sour sauce. I found them to be fairly filling and could eat them alone as a meal or as a side dish.

In the future I would like to keep a box of these in the fridge so I could quickly and easily make a side dish to some of my favorite dinners like fried rice or beef and broccoli. I’d also love to try some other brands and will be looking for organic options!


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