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Amy’s Hearty Minestrone Soup

I love soups. Soup is one of those weird things that you would think there would be tons of vegan options of but in actuality there is very few. Most of the main brands veggie soups use noodles that contain eggs. 😦

Amy’s has tons of soups that are vegan though! Previously I have tried an Amy’s soup (I think it was the southwestern one?) and didn’t really care for it but I was willing to give them another shot because Amy’s is a awesome brand and because I love soup!

The ingredients in this soup are amazing– tons of vegetables and nutritious greens like celery, leeks, spinach, and turnips! Don’t worry it doesn’t taste green though (although there is 10 grams of fiber packed in there!), it tastes cozy and delicious like a good minestrone soup does. I am so glad I tried this soup because I absolutely love it and already went out and bought another! It is super hearty like it says, every bite it packed with flavor and veggies.

The flavor on this is definitely not overwhelming though, you could serve this along with something like rice, potatoes or bread to make it even more filling. I enjoyed how all the vegetables came together to create a scrumptious harmony especially since leeks aren’t something I would typically cook with so it’s great to get that variety in a quick meal like this. This soups are a little more expensive, I got this one on sale for $2.99 but in my opinion they are worth it if you are really looking for a hearty vegan soup.


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