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Yves Veggie Ham

This was another one of those on-sale impulse buys. I love trying new things and since I’m going to be home all week for spring break I needed something for lunch anyways. So when I saw that Yves Veggie deli slices were on sale for just a couple dollars I decided to give the ‘ham’ a try.

First of all, 12 grams of protein for 80 calories is great with no sugar or fat. It also has a pretty decent amount of iron (20% DV) and B12 (15% DV) like it claims on the front of the package. I had this on a sandwich and it was better then I was expecting honestly. It truly had a ham flavor but wasn’t super strong or overwhelming. I had my omnivore boyfriend try it and he said he couldn’t even really tell it wasn’t ham.

I am planning on trying it warm several ways, 1. as a hot ham and cheese when I get some cheese 2. fried on a breakfast sandwich and 3. in soups/chowders. It’s pretty good cold but I can’t wait to see how the flavor and texture perform heated. I expect it to be amazing as I am already impressed with this product! I will definitely be trying the Salami flavor as well.


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