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WIAT: Monday, March 20th

Today was my first day of spring break! Mondays are also date night for my boyfriend and I. We almost always go to Taco Bell and then for frozen yogurt (or in my case sorbet).

This Monday was no exception!


From left to right I got, the Spicy Potato Soft Taco fresco style (seasoned potatoes, lettuce, fresh pico), a Spicy Tostada fresco (refried brown beans, red sauce, lettuce, fresh pico) and the triple layer nachos fresco (chips, refried brown beans, red sauce, and fresh pico). This literally cost $3, is 100% vegan and SOOO FREAKING GOOD!

Normally, I get the 7 layer burrito but Taco Bell has recently changed their rice recipe to now include butter and therefore it is no longer vegan. 😦 So this was my first time trying the Spicy Potato Taco and it is a game changer for sure, definitely a new favorite.

We did then go out for frozen yogurt and sorbet which I didn’t take a photo because I do literally every time we go there. (It always looks so pretty!) So here’s a photo that basically looks like what I got.


They had Watermelon sorbet this week so I topped that with toasted shredded coconut (yum), mochi pieces, strawberry boba, mango boba, and sprinkles! I also added the two lonely slices of strawberry that were left, I like to get a lot more strawberries though like you can kinda see in the picture above (that photo shows the pink lemonade sorbet!)

Finally, I decided to make a ham sandwich for dinner with the Yve’s vegan ham I had just picked up.

I started with a piece of fresh multi-grain bread and covered that in Just Mayo, sprinkled some salt and pepper then layered on some ham and lettuce. Halfway through my sandwich I decided I needed some salt and vinegar chips to complete my meal. I really liked this ham, check out a full review here.

I think tomorrow I am going to pick up a tomato for the rest of my sandwiches.


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