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WIAT: Sunday, April 2nd

This weekend at my Nana’s we had a pizza party! I had some salad and french fries. I swear, french fries are what keeps me going sometimes.


For some pizza places I will just peel the cheese off and eat the saucy crust but most places do put Parmesan cheese in the sauce as well so be careful! It never hurts to ask.

Back at home I made a ham bagel sandwich.


A plain bagel with the Yves ham deli slices, Just mayo, pepper, lettuce and tomato.

Later that night, I went to Wegmans to pick up  a few things and happened to spot a couple new vegan items including Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookies!!


I have been waiting to try these for quite a few months now ever since I heard some vegan youtubers rave over them for being a somewhat healthy yet dessert like option. So as soon as I got home, I ripped this bad boy open.

I picked up two of the three flavors my local Wegmans now carries; one of the Chocolate Chip and one of the Peanut Butter cookies. I’ll be posting my review of these soon.


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