What I Ate Today

WIAT: Tuesday, March 28th

I started today off with half a baby cantaloupe! I forgot what kind of melon this is, I seen them at Trader Joe’s next to the regular cantaloupes and it just smelled so good and looked cute so I got it. But it basically looks like a smaller cantaloupe except that the rind has a few dark green lines on it.


I thought we had bagels as well but apparently not! So I just had this half a baby cantaloupe and a little bit later made a few garlic knots with marinara sauce. I forgot to photograph them even though I’ve been doing pretty well remembering to do that lately.

I also had a Tufutti Ice Cream Sandwich!


These are literally so creamy and good. Definitely recommend.

Then I was off to school where I wasn’t feeling quite hungry enough for a meal but still wanted something.


I got a medium Berry Upbeet from Jamba Juice. One of my favorite smoothies from Jamba.

Once I got home I made a BLT for dinner.


A fresh roll with Just Mayo, tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato, and pepper.

Finally, for dessert I had 3 mocha Joe Joes cookies. These are seriously so good.



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