What I Ate Today

WIAT: Monday, March 27th

Back to school and back to routines! Spring break is over.

I just had a banana for breakfast because I know we eat Taco Bell on mondays..


A beautiful big spotted banana.

Then after class we had Taco Bell.


I got my favorite triple layer nachos fresco style ($1) and a spicy potato soft taco fresco style ($1) as well. I love Taco Bell, so filling and cheap!

A little bit later we got our usual frozen yogurt and sorbet for me.


I was hoping they would have a new flavor of sorbet this week but not too upset because I do really like the Watermelon! Plus, in April they will be opening up all their machines so hopefully that means two flavors of sorbet all the time. I topped the watermelon sorbet with toasted shredded coconut, strawberry slices, multi-colored mochi, a bunch of mango boba, and of course sprinkles!

After that we decided to walk around the mall for the rest of the night. We also ended up eating there. I choose Salsarita’s even though I already had tacos today because I could literally eat rice and beans and pico and guac forever. ❤


Here I got a rice bowl (since on Mondays they have a rice bowl deal) so it’s a base of brown rice with whole black beans, lettuce, red onion, mild salsa (basically pico de gallo), black olives, cliantro, and guacamole. I also got an unsweetened iced tea, I love the iced tea at Salsarita’s plus if you go to an actual location they give you lemon and lime slices.

While we were at the mall we decided to get something that we have been checking out for a while, the Japan Crate. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a monthly subscription box that claims to give you around 2 pounds of authentic Japanese candy along with one exclusive item. We bought it from F.Y.E. instead of online because we didn’t want to be committed to this box and it’s a good thing because it was honestly disappointing. If you were considering this box I would definitely not recommend it unless you do not have an Asian market in your area. As someone who has access to multiple Asian supermarkets I could have bought most these items, if not better ones for cheaper but overall it was still fun and exciting. The exclusive item in our box was one of the Japanese Tsum Tsum Blind Box figures. I only collect the Tsum Tsum plushes but it is still super cute and cool to have since it is a Japanese Tsum.

Almost everything in the box contained milk and/or egg but one of the things I did try was these “Hot & Spicy” potato chips by Calbee’s. To me, they tasted like barbeque chips but y’know not bad. I think the packaging is cute too like usual Japanese products.


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