What I Ate Today

WIAT: Sunday, March 26th

This weekend we had BLTs at my Nanas house! I’ve been craving a BLT so I was pretty happy about this.


I used Tempeh Bacon and Just Mayo with a bunch of lettuce, tomato, salt and pepper. I also had a few fried potatoes as well.

Later that day I didn’t know what I wanted to make so I ended up with fish and chips.


More seasoned french fries and a Gardein Fish Filet. I wanted some kind of dipping sauce to go with this but wasn’t sure what to use since I am not a big tartar sauce fan. Any ideas for my other fishes?

For the rest of the night I just snacked on things. First, another fruit & veggie puree pouch.

Boulder Berry! My new favorite flavor of these pouches. A little bit later I made up some popcorn to eat while My boyfriend and I watched Porco Rosso.


I believe this was about a quarter cup of popcorn with some salt and a drizzle of melted Earth Balance.


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