What I Ate Today

WIAT: Thursday, March 23rd

Today I was just feeling productive.. mostly because I was eagerly anticipating a package in the mail! Something I had been waiting for, for a while. To get pumped up for the day I started with a breakfast that really worked for me the other day.


The Kashi Chocolate Crunch cereal with cashew milk and a chopped banana and home brew cold brew with cashew milk as well. Just look at that gradient ❤

I had plans today of going out with my best friend for his birthday, we ended up going to a pretty classy place. Unfortunately, the black bean burger I was eyeing up contained egg so I opted for the roasted beet salad (and a lemonade)!


The salad was mixed greens with beets, pecans, crunchy onions, and a balsamic drizzle. (It also came with blue cheese crumbles but I asked for no cheese). It was pretty good, fairly sweet but not that filling. Later we had some dessert, mine being a chocolate mocha cupcake from none other then the co-op!

I absolutely love their cupcakes! I aspire to try all their flavors, so far my favorite is the cherry almond frosting.

After my friend left, I was feeling a bit hungry so I made up 5 garlic knots that my boyfriend had previously brought home from work. I forgot to snap a photo but they are just twists of dough shaken in a garlic-parsley olive oil that I like to dip in marinara sauce.


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