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WIAT: Friday, March 17th

Fridays are kind of an adventurous days for me. To prepare for this I started my day with a well-rounded breakfast at 10:30 am.


A plain bagel covered in organic peanut butter, a starwberry Stonyfield O’Soy Yogurt, and a Gingerberry Kombucha.

After class I got lunch at Moe’s (2:00 pm). After much debating I decided to get a rice bowl,  something I usually only ever get at Chipotle but why not!

20170317_140304YUM! Rice and black beans topped with pico, lettuce, black olives, cucumber, cilantro and of course, guacamole! Then every meal comes with free chips and salsa which I got the El Guapo and Who’s Kaiser? It was all super filling, I barely could finish it.

After my internship, I walked home (partially to burn off all that Moe’s!), which is a very long travel. On my way besides water, I also had a little snack of this fruit and veggie puree.

I love keeping these in my backpack for whenever I just want something to snack on or need something to hold me over til the end of class or whatever. Once I got home I had some instant ramen.

Not the most glamorous dinner but I don’t think many people realize that you can still have cheap, instant ramen as a vegan! I actually like this oriental flavor better then the chicken or beef since it tastes like a soy sauce broth instead of pure salt. So it’s actually a pretty yummy dinner for quick and cheap.


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