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Spring Salad


Just thought I would share this beautiful salad I mad for Easter dinner this year. I should’ve grabbed a few more shots just so you could really see how nicely the colors of this salad looked especially for the spring time.

I started off by chopping up one head of boston lettuce which is a nice soft light green similar to butter lettuce. Then I tossed that with one small head of endive lettuce which you can’t see too well in this photo (it’s a white lettuce that wasn’t exposed to much light while growing.) I also added some radicchio lettuce for that lovely red purple color.

Next I diced up some onion for flavor and sliced some radishes for crunch (and more color.)

Lastly, I added a handful each of red, golden, and purple grape tomatoes.

This salad is super simple and super gorgeous; the perfect side to a spring meal or toss some grilled chicken/ steak/ tofu on top for light dinner. I hope you give this one a shot, it’s as yummy as it is nice to look at.


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