Organic Food Reviews

Taza Chocolate


I couldn’t resist the adorable packaging on these chocolates last time I was at my local Heath Store. I grabbed a Dark ‘Chocolate Mexicano’ in the Coffee flavor for myself and the Sea Salt & Almond Drak Stoned Ground Chocolate for my boyfriend.

As you can see these products are organic, non GMO, direct trade, all that good stuff. What’s cool about these is they are also vegan! Since they only use the cacao powder it’s totally dairy free! My chocolate (on the right) only has 3 ingredients which I love and my boyfriend’s clocked in at 6 ingredients, still pretty great.

2016-03-21 15.31.21

The Sea Salt & Almond Chocolate Bar is in the actual shape of a chocolate bar and stamped with STONE GROUND across it. This is an 80% cacao which made it quite bitter in my opinion, not your typical sweet chocolate bar.

The Chocolate Mexicano came in 2 disc shapes divided into triangles. This is stamped with TAZA around the disc. I really liked this chocolate bar and you can truly tell how stone ground it is. I’m not sure if you can see the graininess in the photo but you can taste the three ingredients just ground together– cacao, sugar and coffee. What more could I ask for?!

Also this bar is only 55% cacao so it is much sweeter and easier to snack on.


I found this chocolate bars super interesting, everything from the packaging, to the ingredients, to the selection of flavors. I definitely would like to try some more of these.


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