Organic Food Reviews

evol Teriyaki Chicken

I think this is thfirst product I’ve tried from evol’s Lean & Fit line. This is the Teriyaki Chicken, served on brown rice with broccoli, snap peas, peppers and carrots. This was so yummy and filling, a perfect portion (unlike some ‘lean’ options!)

2015-12-10 12.49.39

This was after I had a bite or two (I was so hungry). The sauce was a perfect amount- not drenched but not so little you forget it’s teriyaki. I thought everything was perfectly cooked and in good proportion (not all rice or too little chicken.)

The Pros:

~260 calories!!

~14 g protein

~Organic Rice

~Chicken with no antibiotics

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

This is definitely a new favorite of mine! I can’t believe it’s only 260 calories for all that food, way more filling then other items of theirs for less calories. Great taste, just wish it was 100% organic!


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