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evol Chicken Quesadillas [with Guac]

2015-12-05 11.47.272015-12-05 11.47.45

I’ve tried a lot of products from evol already and I must say these are one of my favorites! This is the Chicken Quesadilla with Guac. What I really liked about these (besides the yummy guac) is the fact that after you microwave it you finish it off on the stovetop to give it that crispy goodness that is a quesadilla.

2015-12-05 11.48.242015-12-05 11.49.32

As you can see this product is also partially organic. But what I didn’t realize until I opened it was that it was two separate quesadillas! (Duh!) It is 300 calories per quesadilla though and one did fill me up for lunch.

2015-12-05 11.58.04

Here you can see how nicely it crisps up and the gooey cheese.

The Pros:

~Partially Organic

~300 calories, 11 g protein

~3 g fiber, 1 g sugar

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

I just wish they were 100% organic and I’m not sure if it would’ve been as good just microwaved (which is all a lot of people have at work or school.)


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