Organic Food Reviews

Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade

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I put off trying these for a while (despite all the delicious sounding flavours) because at first glance they seem price-y. But when you do the math they really aren’t much more expensive than other organic juices and the prices actually vary depending on what juices are in the drink. Here I tried the two cheapest flavours, Cherry Lemonade and Peach Lemonade.

These both start off with filtered water and organic sugar. Then they add the juices. Oddly enough these both tasted very different and have different style labels. I prefered the Cherry Lemonade by a long shot, the Peach Lemonade smelled orange-y to me and therefore didn’t really taste very peachy or lemonade-y. I was disappointed as I love peach.

The Pros:

~USDA Organic

~Only the ingredients that you need!

The Cons:

~Same on calories Cherry Pepsi per ounce!

~Still 22-25 g sugar

Overall Rating: 6/10

These are very expensive and kinda confusing for a drink that is still super high in calories and sugars. Not worth it to me and if you’re looking for a juice drink I recommend the Honest Juices.



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