Organic Food Reviews

Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Frosted Sugar Cookie Kettle Corn

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And finally I bring you the last and third flavour of the Holidrizzle Kettle Corns Angie’s released. Frosted Sugar Cookie, I left all the photos as large as possible so you can get a good look at first the adorable packaging (once again) and most importantly, the quality of this kettle corn drizzled with frosting and sprinkles.

This is another fun seasonal twist on kettle corn that reminds you of frosted cookies while only being 140 calories per serving. The cool thing about these (besides the fact that they are all organic) is that the food coloring in the frosting and sprinkles is made from pumpkin and black currant!

The Pros:

~140 calories


~Whole Grain


Overall Rating: 9/10

Just a tad to sweet for me but had to give them a try! Check out my favorite, the Dark Chocolatier & Sea Salt or the Original Sea Salt for more delicious healthy snacking.



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