Organic Food Reviews

Tempt Unsweetened Original Hemp Milk

2015-12-05 15.18.02.jpg

I recently discovered that humans aren’t supposed to consume dairy really after the infantile stage. People who don’t develop a lactose-intolerance actually have a mutation. So when I heard this I decided to switch over to a non-dairy milk and I sure am glad I did. This milk is so much lighter on the stomach, previously when I drank milk I could just feel it sitting in my stomach.

My first step was deciding which non-dairy milk I wanted to start drinking. It was a little overwhelming looking at all the almond, cashew, coconut, and hemp milk. I did a little researching and found out that coconut is the least nutritious and least similar to regular milk.

Hemp milk seems to be the most nutritious milk full of Omega 3 & 6 plus tons of vitamins.

The Pros:

~80 calories per glass

~Dairy & Soy Free


~Vegan & Kosher

~No sugar!

Overall Rating: 8/10

Hemp Milk has a sweet vanilla-y smell but a nutty taste. It’s not quite as creamy as milk but a great substitute with tons of essential vitamins.


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