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evol Sriracha Queso Grilled Chicken

Evol has recently released these fajita cups along with breakfast-style cups, and veggie cups. Today I tasted the Sriracha Queso Grilled Chicken. This cup was about half full with rice, chicken, black beans, corn, jalapeno peppers, and so much more. I couldn’t believe the flavour packed into this little cup, tons of cilantro and sriracha! Honestly, it might even be a little spicy for you if you aren’t a heat-lover like myself. 

2015-12-04 17.00.40.jpg

Again, the smell upon removal of the microwave was to die for; mmmm so good! Since this cup was only about half full it wasn’t filling enough for a meal, better as a pick-me-up. I could even see myself pouring this into a tortilla, adding a spoonful of salsa, and making it a real fajta!

The Pros:

~180 calories and 10 g protein

~3 g sugar and 3 g dietary fiber

~Partially organic

~Cooks in 1 min 45 secs

Overall Rating: 7/10

Although this was aromatic and packed with flavour it just wasn’t enough for a meal and just not that much chicken since it was such a small amount.


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