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evol Egg, Bacon & Cheese Scramble Cup

Evol recently released a new line of products, quick meals in microwavable cups. Besides these breakfast ‘scramble cups’ they also came up with fajita cups, and veggie cups for those vegetarian/vegans out there. This particular cup is the Egg, Uncured Bacon & Cheese with Bell Peppers & Potato. The perfect breakfast in a cup if you ask me.

Cooking these couldn’t be easier, just remove the lid, peel back the film a little and microwave for just under 2 minutes. This cup was 200 calories and 11 g of protein with only 2 g of sugar!

One of my favorite things about these are that there’s real cheese on top! It smelled delicious as I took it out of the microwave and tasted as if I had just made up some eggs myself. The only downside to the Scramble Cup was it was definitely not enough for a meal, maybe with a couple slices of toast it would be filling enough for a breakfast.

The Pros:

~1 min 45 sec to cook!

~200 calories and 11 g protein

~Only 2 g sugar!

~Made with Cage Free Eggs

~Gluten Free

Overall Rating: 8/10

These are not fully organic or a full meal but 100% delicious and definitely a quick and easy thing to grab out the door!


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