Organic Food Reviews

Koyo Asian Vegetable Ramen

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Here’s another organic ramen option I spotted. Koyo has quite a few flavours so I plan on trying the others but to start with I grabbed a basic Asian Vegetable. This brand uses organic ingredients for the noodles and all natural ingredients for the flavour packet.

So yes it actually does have a flavour packet just like regular ramen. It also comes in the traditional square block of dry noodles. The downside to this product is it only provides instructions for the stovetop version (I suspect you could cook them in the microwave too though). It still only takes four minute after boiling anyways though then you simply mix in the packet per usual. I didn’t find this flavour to be particularly strong, perhaps i should of left less water?  What I did taste was enjoyable though.

The Pros:

~Organic noodles and all natural ingredients

~210 calories

~8 g protein

~5g sugar

~Only 4 minutes to cook

Cost: $1.25

Overall Rating: 6/10

I feel like they could go the extra step and make this 100% organic, more flavourful, and microwaveable. We’ll see if the other flavours are more impressive.


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