Lunch Ideas

Traditional Greek Salad

2015-10-30 11.17.49

I am a sucker for Greek Salad, I just love all the flavours that come into play. Feta is amazing to start with, then add in the bitter crunch from red onions, the vinegary olives, sweet tomatoes and dressing– MMM!

Here is my typical lunch when I’m at school. Start with a Spring Mix (I like this one because it has spinach in it.) Add diced Tomato, diced Red Onion, and Kalamata Olives. Top with grilled Chicken Breast and Feta Cheese. Drizzle on the Greek Dressing and viola!

This is my Go-To salad, it’s amazing every time and definitely satisfying in the taste department.

The Stats:

Calories: 408

Protein: 35 g

Carbs: 17 g

Fiber: 3 g

Sugar: 6 g

Fat: 22 g

If you wanna see a vegetarian version of this salad, click here!


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