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Angie’s Holidrizzle Boom Chicka Pop(corn)

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I absolutely love Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop(corn) and when I seen she came out with a few holiday flavours I knew they’d be amazing; I was not disappointed. I decided to try two of the three holiday flavours released, the White Chocolate Peppermint and the Dark Chocolatier & Sea Salt. Both of these are types of kettle corn and are 100% non-GMO!

The Dark Chocolatier & Sea Salt is (as you can see) tossed with sea salt and drizzled with dark milk chocolate. The serving size is 1 1/4 cup which comes to only 140 calories, a perfect salty sweet snack. This photo (3) was taken as soon as I opened the bag, quite a bit of air but this is to help protect during shipping.

The Pros:

~140 calories

~Whole grain




Cost: $2.80/4.5 oz   or     2/$5

Overall Rating: 9/10

My only complaint is that there isn’t more or bigger sizes! So yummy I ate the bag in just two sittings.

The White Chocolate Peppermint kettle corn is much more festive in my opinion. The kettle corn is shaken in sea salt and peppermint crunchies then drizzled in white milk chocolate. This also comes to 140 calories for 1 1/4 cup.

The Pros:

~Gluten Free



~140 calories

~Whole Grain

Cost: $2.80/4.5 oz     or     2/$5

Overall Rating: 9/10

These are amazing. I honestly didn’t think peppermint kettle corn would be very good but paired with the white chocolate it’s just fantastic. Give these a try!



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