Organic Food Reviews

Annie’s All Stars

Do your kids love spaghetti o’s but you hate all the bad stuff in them? Then boy will you be glad to hear about these! Annie’s is another huge brand in the organic world, I seem to spot her label in nearly every aisle of the store. Some of her products are much better than the others and this is one of them!

This can is two servings so don’t be fooled, it’s actually 280 calories for the can which is still good considering this is pretty much a whole meal. The sauce is a good sweet sauce which is what sets is apart from other canned noodle-y meals. To top it all off there is a ton of cheese mixed in and you can taste it!


~Can is BPA free

~Organic, no artificial colors or preservatives

~1 g of fat for the whole can!

Cost: $2.29

Overall Rating: 8/10

“Surprisingly good”, raves my boyfriend. Add a little salt and pepper and enjoy some fun star shaped pasta. Perfect for kids and adults alike.


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