Organic Food Reviews

Cascadian Farm French Fries

There is never much selection in the frozen department when it comes to organic food (and I understand why) but I still like to grab a bag of fries every once in awhile for ease. So these were a new item at my local store and I had to try them out since they were cheaper than the competitors I had previously had. They cooked much faster than anticipated and both times I only cooked them at 400 instead of the suggested 450.

They came out pretty good, tasting exactly like french fries do but requiring at least a pinch of salt. An interesting thing I  noticed about these is one of the 4 ingredients happens to be apple juice! I assume this is to help preserve or possibly add flavour, it didn’t affect the taste to me but thought that was pretty odd.


~Certified organic

~Only 4 ingredients!

~110 calories per serving


~Cook up quick! So cook at a lower temperature and be sure to flip every 5 minutes or so.

~There’s no added salt or seasoning so they can be kinda bland. This is easily remedied by adding a pinch of sea salt or drizzling with ketchup!

Overall Rating: 7/10

They were just okay, my boyfriend sums it up in ‘they were pretty good.’


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