Organic Food Reviews

Dr. McDougal’s Vegan Noodle Soup

One day while casually strolling through my local Wegman’s organic section I stumbled upon these familiar cups. I was stopped dead in my tracks, are these organic ramen in a cup? I had to try one. They had a ton of options including ramen style, minestrone, italian wedding, and this chicken flavour soup. I’m a sucker for chicken noodle soup so I went with this one.

You prepare it by removing the lid and adding water. You then microwave it and let sit for 5ish minutes until the noodles are soft. This process went smoothly and smelled amazing. The soup looked as pictured on the outside with corn, small red peppers, parsley, and a bit of celery. The flavour was alright and the noodles pretty good for microwave noodles. I definitely am interested in trying the other flavours although I wish they offered chicken noodle soup with the chicken. (:

Cost: $1.89



~All natural NOT organic


~Low sodium and low sugar

Well these are obviously a much better, almost as cheap alternative to ramen. Perfect for college life and can be easily doctored up with some of your own spices, chicken/tofu, steamed veggies, etc.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

The noodles are a little slimy and I was disappointed that they aren’t organic but still would choose over ramen every time.


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