Organic Food Reviews

Luvo Chicken Enchiladas

Luvo is an All Natural brand meaning they aren’t 100% organic but try to use minimal ingredients, only the ones you need! These are a better alternative when you need something quick and easy A.K.A. frozen food.

When you open up the box you find a brown bag with the instructions stamped on them. I choose the microwave method then simply cut open the bag and poured it onto the plate. It did in fact plate perfectly as promised! The meal included two chicken enchiladas with mixed rice, black beans, and mango chunks.


~350 Calories/meal

~Easy and quick balanced meal

~20g of Protein

~7g of Fiber

I actually found the flavour to be a bit lacking in the enchiladas. The sauce and sides were very good and flavourful.


~Lacking flavour

~Not organic

Cost: $4.99

Overall Rating: 7/10

A good meal for your price if you must go the frozen food route.


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