Organic Food Reviews

Califia Farms Cold Brew Coffee

Okay so my first Organic Food Review is actually a drink but these are so good I had to start with them!

First I tried the Salted Caramel then I went back for the Cocoa Noir. As an avid coffee fan I’m always looking for easy coffee drinks to grab when I’m in my local Organic Grocery Store. These yummy little guys are made with Almond Milk and fair-trade Arabica beans then sweetened with pure cane sugar.


~120 Calories per bottle!


~Gluten Free

~BPA Free

~Rainforest Alliance Certified

~Adorable Packaging

So with being dairy and soy free and only 120 calories this is a perfect mid-day pick me up without the yucky feelings of too much milk or sugar. I loved both flavors, the caramel seeming slightly.. watery (even though there isn’t water in it) but delicious as the caramel blends right into every sip. The cocoa noir was like drinking chocolate milk! They also have a XX Espresso flavour and a larger bottle of their latte which I plan on trying in the future.


~Slightly watery tasting

~No caffeine amount listed on bottle, they don’t provide a great kick I’m assuming around 100mg

Overall Score: 8/10

A pretty healthy alternative to a latte without alot of sugar or dairy!


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